Summer Refresh

Hello Friends!  Already, summer is half over.  Bummer.  Around here, summer is crazy madness for us.  We own a pool business after all!  However, my mind and body are trained to relax once that awesome summer sun starts shining.  Lazy days around the pool and time to “chill” with friends are terrific.

Every summer has also become a great time and opportunity to refresh, reevaluate and refocus.  Self-inventory and evaluation is vitally important to our personal and/or professional progress.  I feel better than ever about what God has planned for the future.

I’m ready.

I want to help you regain hope for your future.   Here are a few questions for you to ponder that will kick-start your evaluation.  These are things I ask myself, in no particular order.  Really, there is no right or wrong way to go about this.

Just do it.

Take the time.

Say the prayers.

Do the research.

Have the conversations.

Ask the questions.

There is absolutely no point in living a hopeless, monotonous, boring life.

Start thinking.

Make progress!

1) What are my top priorities?  At the end of my life, what will matter most?  Is what I think TRUE?

2) Does my time management reflect my priorities?  What needs to change?

3) Am I supporting my spouse physically, emotionally, verbally, financially, and spiritually… regularly?

4) Do my children have my attention?  Am I teaching them and correcting them in a positive and effective way…daily?

5) Specifically, what am I going to work on improving to make our house a place to come home to?

6) Do I need to make any apologies?  Ask for forgiveness?

7) What projects have I left unfinished?  Which ones are worth my time and energy and when?

8) Finances.  How do they look for the coming weeks, months, years?

9) Am I investing in other people?  Helping other people when, where and how they need it most?  Who else, Lord?

10) Is my professional network growing?  I need to make a fresh TO-DO list!