Just for a moment, reflect on the key relationships in your life.  Perhaps your thinking of a spouse, child, in-law, sibling, parent, co-worker, boss, ministry partner, volunteer co-worker or others.  How would you describe the state of those relationships?  Perhaps they are all terrific.  Or, perhaps you are honest and you recognize some of them are…well…not so great.

I hope you are convinced that you need solid, healthy relationships in order to accomplish all that God has intended for you.  We are not people islands.  We co-exist and we are made for community and companionship. If you have trouble believing or admitting the truth as it relates to your need for relationships, just stop here and spend a few days pondering the thought.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am no gardener…at all.  However, I do know from the few times I have planted things around my home that not all plant life is the same.  Different seeds require different amounts of sunlight, water and nutrients in order to grow and thrive.  Relationships are the same way.  All relationships take work, but not all relationships are the same.  As we live and work and minister with people who are different from us, it is crucial that we understand what makes other people laugh, cry, withdrawl, participate, listen, speak-up, etc.  I don’t know about you, but I want to be able to pull the absolute best out of people and on the flip side, I want them to bring out the best in me.

So…how?  Where do we start or start over.  Well, start by knowing your seed.  You would not plant a green bean seed if your desire is grow soy beans and you would not plant a sunflower in an area that receives nothing but dark shade.  To be successful, you would read some information, talk to the experts, and make sure you know your seed and what it needs to thrive.

In terms of relationships, if you want to be successful you, and I, need to spend some time educating ourselves and getting to know the people to whom we are the closest.  We need to know what makes each individual tick and what ticks them off.  For me, one tool I use and have studied extensively is personality profiling.  Understanding the four basic personalities or temperaments has given me a platform, or a place to begin with people.  Knowing this information has caused me to take a step back when I meet someone and consider their perspective, it has taught me to respond rather than react, and I am learning more and more to genuinely appreciate our differences.

In a couple of days, I’ll be sending out my FREE monthly personality newsletter that will explain how we often appear to be the same, but for entirely different reasons.  For example, two people may both be organized, but for completely different reasons because of their personality.  Often, people misjudge their personality or that of others because of one or two behaviors that seem the same.  The key is to understand motives and perspectives.  If you are interested…the sign up is fast and easy.  Just click here:


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